Kiteboarding Lago Calima

Lago Calima enjoys wind year-round due to the venturi effect created by the wind funneled through the surrounding mountains.  At times the wind can reach 35+ knots, perfect for exciting kite and windsurf sessions.  The weather remains mostly constant throughout the year with an average temperature of 80ºF.

Lago Calima is a long lake with water temperatures that remain warm throughout the year (no need for a full wetsuit, at most a spring shorty is all you will need).

We can arrange two hour downwinders that are a beautiful way to admire the lake and the surrounding mountains.

For beginners and new kiteboarders we recommend boat supported lessons through our affiliation with Calima Kitesurf School.  In as little as 3 days, new kiters can be up and riding.  Advanced lessons can be customized for those desiring to learn new tricks and techniques in kiteboarding.

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